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Welcome to Kusum Kids

We offers a structured learning and developmental experience to the kids including dadi-nani stories, rhymes, free play, sensory activities, education beyond pen and paper, art & craft, scrap book activities, sand & water activities and outdoor & indoor play.

Our programme

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the buds program for the toddlers ageing 1.5 to 2.5 years to shape them in the most colorful way

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the caterpillar program for our kids ageing 2.5 to 3.5 years for creeping to the colored hills of their sweetest destiny

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the butterfly programme for kids ageing 3.5 and above to give them colored wings to fly to their own sky of their intrest .

facilities we provide

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our interior

spacious location,attractive wallposter,lead free and odor free paints to design our interior

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pure drinking water,gud ventilated air,clean toilets,housemaid(aaya ) for ensuring proper hygiene.

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smart equipments

To give a smart edge to our kids we are using smart gadgets and innovative equipment .Breakthrough in conventional study approach

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edu-entetainment camps

camps ,events like pajama party ,grand parents day,christmas carnivals to ensure our prime focus "let's play let's learn"

Our latest blog post

We work with new customers and grow their business.

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Common summer illnesses in children

Infections and illnesses in children during the summer are more common than you might think. Bacteria thrive in the warm, moist environments of summertime. This article aims to help increase your awareness of such conditions, and hopefully will help prevent your families becoming unwell over the holiday. If your child is feeling fatigued most of […]

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Helping Children Settle

Facilitate the bonding with the new environment (the pre-school) : It’s advisable for children to get an idea of the school environment before they start, especially when the school is new for them. Many schools hold open days for children to visit the pre-school, see the classroom and playground as well as meeting the teachers. If this […]

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Preparing Your Child for School

Sending your child to school for the first time is learning for both you and your child. It will be for the first time that the child will be amongst unknown people and that too for a long period. It will be easier for your child to settle at pre-school if you’ve gradually got her used to […]